2017 Guest Technology Trends

- By Korrin Welch on Jun 10, 2017

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In such a modern age, technology continues to drive consumer expectations and guest demands. As innovation revolutionizes industry norms, the consumer demographic shifts as well.

Current trends promote significant revenue growth and guest interaction. While the introduction of mobile technology has reinvented the hotel guest satisfaction expectancy, it has also heightened the playing field for competitive resources. Remaining connected and aware of these trends can set a property apart.

The introduction of the iPad as a substantial data processing system is by far the most impressionable trend to date. Consolidating data into a core property management system (PMS) accelerates a magnitude of tasks. Not only is a Cloud based system more efficient and increasingly more secure, it creates a contemporary presentation for the property itself. Utilizing iPads is an ultra-modern approach to running the front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, and managerial operations. Cloud applications have made critical functions more convenient and generally pleasing to both hotel staff and guests alike.

Another high priority trend is granting guests the opportunity to check-in by simply using their smartphone. This service allows them to skip the lines and front-desk interaction altogether, as well as instant access to key tools. Now, just about every guest has a smart device and the ability to recover substantial information at their fingertips. According to Harris Group, “72% of Millennials prefer to spend their hard-earned cash on experiences rather than on material goods.” Guests can now choose their rooms, open their room door (within a close proximity), and interact with the front desk – in real time – through the convenience of their mobile device.

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While many hoteliers are focused on updating a PMS, guests are frequently noting the lack of technological advancements within the rooms themselves. Simply offering cable television and Pay-Per-View, will no longer stand as significant features of a standard room. Guests want more. Increasingly, hoteliers are providing the option to stream popular shows and movies through such services as Netflix and Hulu via smart TV technology. Once again, the importance is placed on tailoring the hotel experience to fit each guest’s desires.

2017’s trends appear to have one thing in common: customer satisfactory. Remaining technologically current is a must in today’s economy. Continuously driving productivity and tactfully adding technology based amenities, will upgrade the overall guest experience.

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