Welcome to HotelKey's flagship product for hospitality properties of all sizes. Internationally recognized as the next generation of hotel management software that is simple, powerful, and easy to use. We are proud to present Frontdesk, the property management system built for iPad.

Built for iPads

HotelKey's Frontdesk App is specifically built for the Apple iPad product line to take advantage of its camera, built-in sensors, security, ease of use and best-in-class stability. Everything from an iPad Mini to iPad Pro can be used with our product.

Streamline property operations

Print less paper and communicate instantly with staff for live updates on property information allowing you to focus on your guest's experiences.

Works for all sizes

As with all of our products at HotelKey, our apps can be used for any size property or portfolio. Our Frontdesk app has been implemented in a wide range of properties from privately owned hotel's to large enterprises.

Increase efficiency

With the Frontdesk app, property staff will use simple features to more effectively communicate and complete their duties, allowing them to focus more on the property and their guests.


Login, Start the Shift, and Manage Your Frontdesk

Frontdesk allows multiple user configurations. Guest service representatives, housekeepers, general managers and many more each have their roles and allowed functionality within the system.

Frontdesk users will login to the system, count their drawer, and begin their shift of providing an amazing experience to their guests. HotelKey's Frontdesk system will dramatically improve check in times from minutes to seconds.

Our Frontdesk system is simple, easy to use, and a breeze when training new employees, making it the best tool for that busy lobby and contributing to a positive guest experience.

View Real Time Availability, Occupancy, and Rate Data

Property information is at your fingertips with HotelKey's Frontdesk property management system. With our dashboard, users will be able to see everything they need to know about the property during their shift.

Real time data from expected Arrivals, Departures, Groups, and In House guest information can be obtained from the Frontdesk main screen known as the dashboard.

Knowing how many rooms are available, down, or even if pets are in the room are vital pieces of information to enable your Frontdesk staff to efficiently manage the day to day property operations as well as provide an all star guest experience to both in house and potential guests.

Oversee All Housekeeping Operations

Communicate with Housekeeping staff and manage operations directly from the Frontdesk iPad. HotelKey understands the importance of inventory management when it comes to busy properties small or large and how vital knowing which rooms need service and which housekeepers are available.

Frontdesk users and management staff have the ability to assign Housekeepers service duties in various ways. Rooms can be assigned manually to individual housekeepers, service types can be changed, and detailed room information can be viewed.

For high service volume scenarios, our Express Assign feature allows the system to automatically assign a group of housekeepers an entire block of rooms to be serviced based on service type, room location, and number of rooms.

Generate Reports for Improved Property Management

HotelKey offers a range of options for gathering and keeping track of property information. We understand how vital it is to have accurate and real time data available to Ownership and Management staff.

Everything from monitoring daily operations of Occupancy, Rooms Sales, and Payment details to seeing your Night Audit information month to month and year over year.

HotelKey's Reporting tools will also save your property money. There is virtually no limit to the amount of data that can be tracked, retained, and accessed at any time from anywhere. The same reports that are viewable on the iPad can be viewed online through a portal instead of wasting valuable printer ink and paper. However, we still offer you the ability to print your reports as necessary.


  • Can I bring my own device?

    Yes. HotelKey's Frontdesk PMS App can be quickly installed on any iPad. If for any reason your current device no longer functions, we will work with you to quickly get your property back online and operating on a new device. This process only takes minutes once your new device is available. No longer will the property have to wait weeks for a computer to be purchased, configured, or delivered by an outside vendor. Please refer to your Brand Standards on devices allowed to be used by your property staff.

  • Can I create separate user's for each of my Frontdesk staff?

    Yes. Each staff member will have their own User ID which will be permissions based. Different Frontdesk users are able to have limited or full Frontdesk functionality based on the properties request.

  • Does the Frontdesk App work offline?

    Yes. In the event of a power or network outage, the property will still be able to use HotelKey Frontdesk. Reservations can still be processed, housekeeping functionality remains intact, and the property can continue to operate. Once the network connectivity is restored, all information is synced back to the cloud.

  1. Check Ins Take Seconds
  2. Next Generation PMS
  3. Improved Guest Experience
  4. Less Paper Waste
  1. Simple to Use, Easy to Train
  2. Mobile and Secure
  3. Increase Efficiency
  4. Keep Property Staff Informed


"HotelKey has helped reduce check in time from minutes to seconds. My staff loves the product and has become more motivated for their jobs"
Manish Patel, Owner of 10+ Hotels, Los Angeles, California
“More than one hundred hotels of varying sizes have signed up with HotelKey.”