Housekeeping App

The HotelKey Housekeeping app streamlines communication between the Frontdesk, Maintenance, & Management Staff.

Built for Smart Devices

HotelKey's Housekeeping App can be used on multiple platforms including both Android and Apple.

Streamline property operations

Print less paper and communicate instantly with property staff for live updates on room status. Housekeepers can also notify Maintenance if they discover an issue while cleaning the room.

Works for all sizes

As with all of our products at HotelKey, our apps can be used for any size property.

Increase efficiency

With the Housekeeping App, property staff will use simple features to more effectively communicate and complete their duties.


Assign Housekeeping Staff for Service

HotelKey's housekeeping app allows instant communication with the Frontdesk. Housekeepers will receive an instant notification when a room is assigned to them for service.

With one glance at the notification, the assigned Housekeeper will know where on the property the room is located, the service type requested, and additional important details such as knowing if pets are also in the room.

Larger properties can also take advantage of the built in Express Assign feature. This feature automatically calculates and assigns all dirty rooms evenly, based on the number of Housekeepers available, Service Types Requested, and Room Location to maximize service efficiency.

Real Time Data

Housekeepers will simply tap to start when entering rooms to provide service. And tap to complete upon leaving the room when the service has been provided. This enables the Frontdesk and Management staff access to Real Time Data on room status.

HotelKey's Housekeeping App will also track the amount of time it is taking housekeepers to complete the assigned service. This information is invaluable when tracking quality and efficiency of property operations.

Immediately knowing the availability status of clean and dirty rooms as they are serviced allows busy properties to accommodate their arriving guests and provides a better service experience for Walk In customers.

Submit Maintenance Issues

Housekeeping Staff can now immediately report any issues to the Maintenance Department from the app itself.

Forget about the walkie talkies that never seem to be in range or charged when they are needed most. Maintenance staff will receive notifications of issues submitted in real time on their own devices while the Frontdesk is also immediately updated to alert staff to a down or non-rentable room.

In only a few seconds, the housekeeper can submit a new issue and continue with their scheduled service without additional interruptions. This increases efficiency with internal property communication and in turn provides a better experience for your guests.

Multiple Viewing Tools

The HotelKey Housekeeping app allows a user to view multiple sets of data. How much work has been completed that needs to be validated? What is the housekeepers percentage complete? What rooms are assigned for service or still need a housekeeper assigned? Who serviced a specific room on a previous day?

All of the above and more can be answered with the multiple quick views and search functionality within the app. Charts show a quick percentage reference, while the Action tab shows a high level status overview of all rooms at the property. The app will also allow the user to search previous days to review all data related to specific room and service type.


  1. Check and Change Service Types
  2. Submit Maintenance Requests
  3. Improve Guest Experience
  4. Less Paper Waste
  1. Track Performance
  2. Mobile and Secure
  3. Increase Efficiency
  4. Keep Property Staff Informed


"HotelKey has helped reduce check in time from minutes to seconds. My staff loves the product and has become more motivated for their jobs"
Manish Patel, Owner of 10+ Hotels, Los Angeles, California
“More than one hundred hotels of varying sizes have signed up with HotelKey.”