HotelKey Kiosk

The HotelKey Kiosk will enable your busy property to decrease lobby traffic as guests will be able to bypass the front desk altogether. The all in one solution you've been waiting for!

Built for iPads

The HotelKey Kiosk is specifically built for the Apple iPad product line to take advantage of its camera, built-in sensors, security, ease of use and best-in-class stability. Everything from an iPad Mini to iPad Pro can be used with our product.

Streamline property operations

With the HK Kiosk, guests will be able to check themselves into your property and receive a key to their room without waiting to speak to someone in the lobby.

Works for all sizes

As with all of our products at HotelKey, our apps can be used for any size property.

Increase efficiency

With the all in one Kiosk, ownership, management, and property staff are empowered to operate their properties more effectively and focus on their guests experiences.