Rate Calendar

Single view of statistics, inventory and revenue to optimize your pricing strategies.

Single View of Relevant Data

View your inventory, occupancy, revenue, ADR and RevPAR in a real-time single view to come up with faster and more accurate pricing decisions. No more printing of reports and going multiple places to run reports.

Monthly Statistics

Month-by-month calendar views with the monthly rolled-up statistics at the top. Compare your monthly stats to LY MTD, LY Full Month, Budget-to-date, or Budget for the month to get the most relevant comparisons to drive your decisions.

Visual Indicators

The view identifies all restrictions and overbooking scenarios through visual indicators to stand them out in the calendar view for you to understand and take relevant actions.

Rich Comparisons

The rate calendar allows you to compare your data in real-time with LY, LY to-date, Budget, and Budget to-date with just one click. No need to run another set of reports. All the data is available with just a few clicks on the same screen.

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