Rate & Room Type Administration

A simple way to manage your rich and complex Rooms setup and Rate plans.

Room Types Hierarchy

The system supports rich room type attributes including basic data, specific amenities, extra adult offset, and upsell ordering. Additionally, you can configure a room types hierarchy to simplify your pricing and auto-calculate the derived room type pricing.

Rich Rate Plans

Support for BAR, and both negotiated (fixed) and derived (amount or percentage on/off) rate plans. The rate plans also have a rich set of attributes such as sources, cancellation policies, deposit policies, payment collection terms and more. These configurations allow you to manage and measure different types of stays and optimize your pricing.

Nested Rate Plan/Room Types Pricing

The pricing supports both room types and rate plan hierarchy to help you perform a single update of BAR and base room type such as “Standard”. The pricing for derived room types such as Double will use the offset from the room type hierarchy and then apply it after the derived rate plan (i.e. Advance Purchase) has been calculated for the base room type. All of this automatically, with no manual action required.

Configurable Source Assignments

Configure your Rate plans with source assignments to automate the rate update distributions with no code change. Optionally, you can also assign booking sources to your rate plans to allow sub-source based behaviors and statistics reporting.

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