Event Management

HotelKey's Event Management module is a full-service platform that simplifies creating and managing small, midscale or large events hosting.


Be able to define the space type and upload images for each space to simplify the selection of space while building the event. Setup business hours, maximum occupancy and space arrangements supported for each space.


Create packages with their default menu items or menu included in the package. Setup event types which the packages support. Easily override the package defaults while building the event.

Check Availability

Be able to filter through multiple criteria to get availability across multiple event spaces. Clear view with different coloring scheme's on the calendar view for the prospect, confirmed, ongoing and past events.

Event Prospects

Build a prospect event easily for an account or an individual guest from standard packages or build your own package and provide the prospect event details to the client.

Add Rooms

While booking an event, users have the ability to book individual reservations or groups for events hosted in a hotel. Users will be able to look at the real-time availability of rooms and can include these rooms as part of the package as well.

Flexible Cutoff Date Strategies

We understand that each event requires different cutoff date strategies. So, we have built an easy to use cut off date mechanism where based on the cutoff dates defined each sub-event or room will be dropped from the prospect status.

Sub Events

HotelKey supports the flexibility to create multiple sub-events as part of the main event. Sub events can have their own menu and own location for the event.

Departmental Instructions

Add different instructions for each department at an event or at sub-event level

Banquet Event Order

Build BEO for the event without any complications and add/remove items from BEO on the fly. Share the BEO with the staff or the client instantaneously.

Event Deposits

Setup flexible payment deposits and get reminders on the payment due on the action manager for the event coordinators and managers to be on top of it. Guarantee the event with a card on file and charge the card on file by setting up automated deposit collection schedules. Use the deposit towards the final payment of the event.

Cancellation Policy

Be able to attach flexible or strict cancellation policies to the event and be rest assured and let the automated cancellation engine built within HotelKey calculate the cancellation fees and collection of payment based on the defined policy.

Check In

Easily check in to events via a web browser or mobile app. Optionally be able to scan the attendee's badges.


HotelKey Event Management allows users to build flexible invoicing for the events. Supports consolidated billing for the entire event, supports consolidated billing for only selected charges, supports individual billing.

Modify Events

Simple and easy modification of event. Add/remove items from the event on the fly from the mobile app and in real-time get the BEO and other documents reflect the changes.

Folio Management

Be able to transfer charge from one sub-event to another sub-event or event. Easy transfer allows users to manage each folio as per the customer requirements. Collect payment for each folio or collect payment at the main event level.

Check Out

Easily check out of events once all the sub-events or events are settled or billed to a company for later payment. Get a consolidated or a detailed view of invoice or folio to be able to easily reconcile all the charges and their payments.

Consolidated Reporting

HotelKey provides a dynamic consolidated report for the users to be able to view consolidated or individual revenue and payment analytics. Get reports that report actualized revenue, projected revenue and profitability for all or by individual event spaces.

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