Introducing a simple way
to process payments.

Allow PaymentKey to be your property’s single point of contact by managing all aspects of your card payments and detailed reporting.

Integrated Payment Solution

Utilizing HotelKey’s POS and PMS software in connection with a FreedomPay gateway, as is the case for Evermore, provides a secure, integrated credit card processing solution.

Transparent Pricing & No
Term Commitments

Many merchant service providers offer amazing deals, ranging from providing free equipment to offering low processing fees. However, the reality of those promises soon reveals that the offers were too good to be true - while a merchant may have gotten free equipment they also get stuck in an expensive, long-term contract with early termination penalties, or the merchant service provider offering low processing fees is, in fact, hiding fees. PaymentKey clients can terminate and move to another merchant service provider at any point in time, and are never required to commit to a multi-year contract. Additionally, our pricing is very straight-forward and we will not disguise our processing fees.

Straight-forward Pricing

We charge competitive processing fees and, as mentioned above, we will never disguise or hide our processing fees as a way of padding our profits.

Access to Detailed Reporting

HotelKey is a provider of technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Where a client uses HotelKey’s PMS or POS software solutions together with the PaymentKey merchant services solution, beginning in Q1 of 2022 we will be able to provide comprehensive and detailed reporting of the client’s credit card processing activity. These reports can be remotely accessed by owners, managers, and other stakeholders, providing meaningful, real-time, and unrivaled insight into the performance of the business.

Single Source for Support

Where any issue arises, PaymentKey clients need solely to look to HotelKey as its single source for support. There is no longer a need to wait on hold in order to speak with a payment processor with whom the client does not have a direct relationship.

Chargeback Assistance

As part of the support services, HotelKey is available to provide assistance in responding to chargeback claims. Additionally, where HotelKey’s PMS software solution is deployed at the property, clients will be given access to an automated chargeback tool as a value added service. This tool will provide access to a fillable response letter and will automatically attach relevant evidence to dispute the chargeback claim.

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