Contact Less Check in

Contact-less Check-in makes your guests feel safe staying at your property

Touchless Photo ID Scan

Use the iPad’s camera or an external scanner to read the Photo ID barcodes across the protection shield between the guest and the Frontdesk staff.

Tap your Phone to Pay

Accept Contactless EMV card-present payments using both Apple Pay and Google Pay. No need to insert cards and entering pin codes.

Guests Sign on their Phones

Use the system-generated QR code and show it to the guest to scan on their own smartphones. It will open a mobile-friendly web page displaying the registration card.

Guest Registration Card

The web-based registration card displays all the charges, payments, stay dates, room, rate and all the stay policy and conditions. Just like a registration card on the Frontdesk.

Guest Signature

Guests sign the registration cards on their own smartphone using their own fingers. The signature is stored digitally and instantly attached to the stay record.

Single Stay Room Key Card (Optional)

Using Boca Systems printers, we can even print a one-time use RFID or Magstripe a plastic room key at the completion of the check-in workflow. The room key is similar to theme-park tickets and can only be encoded once.

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