Corporate Rates and Billing

Setup negotiated rates, automate billing and invoicing for your Direct Bill customers.

Negotiated Rates

Setup the company negotiated rates as an offset on/off the BAR (negotiated discount) or just set the negotiated amount. You also define the rate periods to ensure that the rate calendar only allows shop/book up to the contracted date.

Direct Bill Setup

Rich Direct Bill setup preferences. Turning on the Direct Bill privilege, you can set the billing days, credit limits and requirements to capture certain fields such as guest employee verification number or PO number.

Automated Folio A/R

The folio A/R is automatically posted at night audit. No need for manual payments or remember to post A/R. The A/R automatically reflects in the A/R screens as well.

Automated Invoice Creation

Automatic invoicing schedule that picks up all the generated A/R and combines them in an invoice based on invoice setup for the company.

Digital Invoice Delivery

Deliver the invoice via email to the specific contacts of the company via email. You can deliver the invoices as PDF or Excel or both.

Bulk Settlements

You can receive a payment that is for invoices and record it in the system. Afterwards, you can apply the payments to multiple invoices based on additional data you may receive from the paying company.

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