Groups Management

Book and Check-in your group blocks through simple and guided flows

Guided Group Bookings

We recognize that groups are complex. Therefore, we’ve created a very guided wizard to walk the user through the whole process. It requires minimal training and captures all the information in one go before creating the group block.

Multiple Group Types

HotelKey supports rich group types such as Transient groups, Company groups and also the Wholesale groups. Users pick the group type and the workflow guides the user through a series of steps to make that group type booking.

Flexible Cutoff Date Strategies

Different types of groups require different cutoff date strategies. Transient groups work with group header-level cutoff date, while your company or wholesale ones may need to follow a rolling release schedule. We support all the different ones to give you maximum flexibility.

Groups Rooming List & Check-in

As you pick-up the rooms, you can do rooming lists to make it easier for your staff, guests and group organizers. You can do proximity-based room assignments interactively using floor plans. Lastly, you can do bulk check-in all group reservations to efficiently manage a group arrival.

Consolidated Groups Billing

Guests pay their own rooms or Organizer pays for Room Rent or Organizer pays for Room Rent and all other charges. Billing profiles are configurable and you can pick the right profile as part of the group management. The system will calculate folio balances automatically. No need to have calculators around.

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