Digital Check-in

Digital Check-in is a delightful experience for your staff and guests

Confirm & Photo ID Scan

No more typing. Instead, you can use the iPad’s camera or use an external scanner with the Frontdesk PC to capture the Photo ID barcode. Supports all 50 states of US driver licenses, and US/International passports.

Offer Room Type Upgrades

Check-in includes automated Room Type Upgrade offers during the workflow. Drive guest satisfaction with a more suitable room type while increasing your revenue.

Digital Floor Plans

Touch-enabled Digital Floor Plans to select a room. Zoom in or out, move left or right and go up or down - all using multi-touch. Now, you can even make the room selection to be a delightful experience.

Sell Add Ons

Your property has more than just guest rooms. Optionally, you can sell Parking or high-speed Wi-Fi and make it an all-in-one cohesive experience for the guest.

Guided Folio Payments

Frontdesk automatically handles the folio selection and charge routing. Add Ons and Room Type Upgrades on third party bookings are automatically routed to a different folio. Configured incidental and deposits are also included automatically. No more calculator, just a simple guided payments flow.

Digital Registration Card

Digitally view the actual registration card laid out. Confirm charges, payments, rate plans, room type, room number and all the terms and conditions in one single screen.

Digital Signature

Sign on the touch screen to agree and get the Room Key. No more prints and no more pens. No more storing of the printed registration cards with signature. Everything is digital and kept in the system.

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