Payments Automations

Automate your card-not-present payments eliminating all human errors

Advance Deposits

Configure your advance purchase rate plans with the arrival- or booking-window based advance deposit collections. The system does all the work with no action required by your staff.

Cancellation Fee Collection

Setup your cancellation policies once or for the special events and holidays. All cancellations automatically collect the payment if the reservation is canceled in violation of the policy.

Auto No Show

Charge the no-show arrivals as part of the night audit. The rate plan policy for no show nights is used to calculate the no show night’s charge and then the respective payments are automatically posted.

Card Payments Batch Reconcile

In the integrated payments setup, the batch is auto-reconciled as part of the night audit. Any mismatch is reported as an alert which is acted upon by the HotelKey support in partnership with the property staff. You never need to worry about time-outs and any other payment issues. The system and the support team handles it for you.

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