Property Administration

Configure and adapt the system configuration for your unique operations.

Configurable Charge Types

The system comes with a set of predefined charge types. You can pick standard extra ones such as Parking, Pet and then also add your own unique ones.

Dynamic Payment Types

We support more than eight standard payment types - Cash, Check, Credit Card, Gift Certificates, Local Direct Bill, Corporate Direct Bill, and Vouchers. You can disable them as needed. Also, the credit card payment type dynamically adapts to the selected payment gateway. You can even request a new payment type for your specific needs.

Rich Taxation

The system handles both percentage and flat tax types. It can also handle tax periods, tax on tax and tax slabs, which calculate the taxes dynamically based on the charge amount.

Additional Configurations

HotelKey is built to be configurable. Every entity is defined as an object that provides the flexibility to meet customer needs. Additional configurations include folio types, booking sources, special request codes, room preferences, tax exemption codes, adjustment codes, refund code and more

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