Self-Service Kiosk Check-in

Self-Service Kiosk Check-in makes your guest empowered and also saves you money

Commercial-Grade Kiosk

HotelKey has partnered with Olea to create an industry-changing Kiosk that allows self-service walk-in, existing reservation check-in, and replacement room keys. All of it is done securely with no human interactions.

Large Industrial Display

The Kiosk is equipped with a large industrial display of Elo Touch. Usage of the kiosk requires no training and just works like any other kiosks the guests may have used at the Airports.

Airport-grade ID Document Scanning

The Kiosk also has a built-in penta scanner. This scanner can accurately scan/OCR the US driver licenses and passport of every country of the world. Optionally, if required, the scanner can also take the picture of the ID at the time of the scan.

Secure Payments

The payments at the Kiosk are just like payments at the Frontdesk. Secure, fast and touch-enabled by default. Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and Tap by Card in addition to the traditional EMV transactions.

Automated Key Dispensing

The Kiosk automates the room key encoding and dispensing the completion of the check-in. The guest takes the key and just walks to their room.

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