Hardware Integration

HotelKey POS setup needs a simple and easy to access Hardware setup giving the Retail outlets a very clean and clutter-free desk.

Bring your own iPad

Register application is available as a native iPad application. To use the application you can buy a new iPad from the nearest store around you or use an existing iPad. The Register app is simple, fast and extremely light for your iPads.

Clean Desk

HotelKey Register application allows the retail desk to be of minimal wires and clutter-free. All devices such as scanners or credit card terminals are integrated wirelessly with the iPad and allows the store to manage a clean desk in their store.

Thermal Printer Integration

Integrate the application to the thermal printer via Bluetooth to print out receipts and reports.

Scanner Integration

Integrate the application to the scanner to scan, search, add and remove items from the cart.

Label Printer Integration

Integrate with the application to label printers to print pricing and discount labels for your shelf items.

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