Reporting and Analytics

Get access to Dynamic reports and real-time hotel statistics, anytime and on any device.

Real Time Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboard is available on the web app and mobile phones to get the sales, payments, purchases and product data on the fingertips. Get sales data analysis by the hour for today or any past date to make decisions on the fly which are best for your stores. Compare best selling and no stock movement with last year and budget data.

Sales Report

Get dynamic reporting for sales to drill down by multiple criteria such as product, category, tags, departments. Sort by highest and lowest sell or revenue count.

Payment Report

These reports cover payments made for a date range period where users will be able to group by payment types, date, order number etc. Reduce errors or reconciliation issues with payment reports which will provide the exact value of over / short values by users for a day, week, month or year.

Stock Reconciliation Report

Get consolidated stock reports and manage over stock or low stock items by multiple criteria filters and sorting options available in the report.

Scheduled Reports

You can schedule a set of reports to run at a specified time with a specific set of filters. All configurable by each user. You can deliver the reports to a set of email addresses automatically as PDF and/or Excel.

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