Easy Payments

Simple user layout makes it easy to use one of the most complex functionality to manage your store

Integrated CC Payments

Integrate HotelKey register through a payment gateway that supports EMV, Apply Pay and Google Pay payments. In the integrated payments setup, the batch is auto-reconciled as part of the night audit. You never need to worry about time-outs and any other payment issues. The system and then the support team handles it for you.

Cash Management

Reconcile cash collection in real-time with register application and calculate deposits, cash over, short, or errors dynamically.

Split Payments

The register allows the customers or users to perform easy splits of the order amount by multiple methods. The application gets the user input on the number of splits and the system will calculate splits automatically to simplify and quicken the calculation for the user.

Multi-User Drawers

The Register app allows you to split a drawer between multiple users to get the performance analysis by user.

Dynamic Payments

Register application allows users to add as many payment types as they require for the property. The application allows user to setup their own payment types and the system will manage those payment types based on the configuration.

Deposit Redemption

Easy redemption of deposits such as bottle deposits. Redeem these deposits as part of a new sale or a stand-alone redemption to get the cashback.

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