Register App

HotelKey Register simplifies placing and closing of orders while accepting payments including integrated credit card payments.


The dashboard provides store and user-level details along with the current orders cart view. It also includes buttons to launch common work-flows such as search items, add custom items, scan items.

Add Items

Register allows to add items to the cart in a rapid way by different modes such as integrated scanner, built-in scanner or adding items manually by using the advanced search functionality built in the application.

Manage Cart

Once items are added to the cart, the register app allows you to perform varied actions such as capturing customer profile, add more items, manage item quantity, remove an item, add remarks that get displayed on the receipts seamlessly.

Pending Sale

Register application allows the user to save the order if the customer has forgotten to pick up an item or add an item before closing the order. Easy retrieval of pending sales and close the order once the customer is ready.

Check Out

The checkout of an order is simple and fast in the Register application. For simplified usage, the application provides a guided approach for the customer to print or email receipt of the order.

Engage Guests

Add a GuestPad device facing the guest to your Frontdesk to allow digital confirmations and options to print or email receipt for the order.


Create shortcuts for the most widely used products and allow users to perform quick check out.


Add products to the cart that has discounts setup and the system will auto-apply discounts based on the configuration or apply discounts to all the items on the cart.

Gift Cards

Be able to set up gift cards for your customers and increase loyalty of the customers with flexible check out ability by redeeming the gift cards

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