Vendors and Purchase Management

Manage multiple vendors and access an easy to use and automated Purchase Management module

Vendor Management

Create and manage multiple vendors and link products to multiple vendors. Each vendor can have different units for the products.

Purchase Orders

Start placing orders and save it as a draft for later usage. Against each product, while adding to order get a historical trend of purchase and sales history for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom date range periods. Autofill buying count based on the threshold counters.

Receiving Checklist

Receiving of inventory can be done from mobile or web application and while receiving, the users get a consolidated list of checklist items to reconcile against each ordered item. Easy handling of breakages and missing items for reconciliation and update of the purchase order

Predictive Ordering

Make buying decisions based on the trends, profitability, sales history, purchase history and cost tracking of the product. HotelKey's predictive ordering feature provides users the count that they should buy to keep the products that sell on the shelves in the store.

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