Advanced Restriction Controls

Apply restriction controls to maximize your revenue potential and occupancy statistics.

Min/Max LOS Restrictions

Set your min and max LOS restrictions to not only protect your busy days but also use them to drive long-term stays with discount and automatically enforce the LOS fences for the stays post check-in as well.

Overbooking Counters

Historically analyze your cancellations and no-shows; and set up your overbooking counters at the product level - rate plan, room type, and date - to give you the best chance to sell the house.

Rooms to Sell Counters

Setup rooms to sell counters for Non-Last Room Available (NLRA) and Opaque rate plans. This will ensure that your property is selling with the right balance of discounts, NLRA, non-BAR LRA, and BAR rate plans.

CTA, CTD and Close

Protect your special events and other occupancy days using close-to-arrival, close-to-departure and close restrictions. These restrictions also work at the product level - rate plan, room type, and date - and thus giving you full flexibility.

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